Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

F2F Wallhack Funky Hack to PB

Created  :
Lord Fancington

Special Thanks to :
F2F [faceinteraction.forumid.net]

Hover Tutorial:
Turn to "1" to always hover, turn to "2", then hold SHIFT to hover.
You will find that when you are hovering, you will get stuck on an object down below, just jump. This hover hack can also be used to get to higher places like roof's if used correctly.
For up/down glitchkey, turn hover on 1(or turn hover to 2, then hold shift), then turn menu off, then press and hold up arrow key to go up, and down arrow key to go down. This can be used to go under map, or fly up very high.

Menu tutorial:
insert to toggle menu.
arrow keys to operate features.

To help prevent crashes, make sure to follow these simple steps:

1. Inject however F2F_Interaction WallhackNoBT.exe.
2. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH HACK UNTIL YOUR ARE INGAME. Once you have played a game, you can then operate the menu in lobby as well.
3. If you followed these, idk why it doesn't work for you.
Make sure to run as administrator and turn off your antivirus as well. This hack has been packed and carries false positives.

Work On Window XP 

here boy

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